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There is nothing like feeling the wind in your hair as you stroll around in a motorcycle. But no matter how fun and freeing it is to ride the motorcycle, safety should always be a top priority. 

If you are a motorcycle rider, read on as we share with you the top tips to follow to stay safe while riding a motorcycle:

Eyes on the Road

When driving, it is tempting to set adrift and look elsewhere. But driving requires focus. Keep your eyes, ears, and attention to the road and you will steer clear from getting into trouble. 

Never Drink and Drive

Driving a car is more forgiving than riding a motorcycle. Prevent accidents from happening by maintaining a stable state of mind and body and never drive under the influence of alcohol. When you ride, make sure you are sober. 

Wear a Helmet

A helmet can save your life. Some people find it unattractive to wear a helmet. But a helmet is not made to make you look nice. It is there for your protection and safety. Would you rather look good or save your life?

Avoid Distractions

One of the biggest distractions when driving is the phone. No matter who is calling or texting, it can wait. If you want to attend to it, head for a stopover. But never use your phone when you ride your motorcycles or else. 

Stay Slow

We all know too well the rush drivers get when driving fast. But if you want your safety in check, always drive slow. Slowly and surely is always a better way to go especially when you are driving on the highway. 

Riding the motorcycle is a responsibility. Doing your part is not just for your good. You also need to consider the other people driving. Always stay courteous and considerate when driving on the road. Keep aware and maintain a keen eye. Driving the motorcycle is fun but make sure you drive it safely.

Travel on a Budget – How Can You Travel Cheap?

It is always fun to travel while not spending a lot of money. But how can you travel cheap? Here are some ways that you can travel and not spend a lot.

Work on a farm

If you are not meticulous and love to farm, then why not go abroad and work as a farmer? WWOOF which stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is a platform where you can get a free room and board but you need to work on their farm in exchange. Not bad since you will be able to be in the great outdoors and you will have a unique experience of your surroundings. Countries, where WWOOF opportunities are available, are Italy, Costa Rica, France, Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii.

Find locals

You don’t have to use the traditional travel industry since it is easier to just go directly to locals and access their assets and skills. Locals know where to find the best deals. They know where to find the cheapest supermarket and offer the best sales. These days, most of these local economy sellers have a Facebook or Instagram page where you can easily connect and get the necessary information you will need.

Cook your meal

This is one of the best ways to save a lot when travelling. Imagine if you are going to eat out every meal. You may be spending around $15 per meal, but you can just spend around $60 for a week worth of groceries and save around $150 as a result. Just make sure that there is an available kitchen where you are staying and you are good to go!

Tips For Safe Motorcycle Riding

Do you ride a motorcycle? Safety awareness and riding proficiency should be your priority. No matter how much you enjoy riding, you have to think about the dangers of riding a motorcycle. Follow these tips for safe motorcycle riding.

Wear a Helmet 

Speeding is fun, but dangerous

One of the dangers of riding a motorcycle is falling off during the ride, and it can be incredibly serious. This is where your helmet works for protection. Falling off a motorcycle without a helmet can be fatal. Wearing a helmet prevents bugs from flying in your mouth. They don’t taste good.

Motorcycle training is essential

Unlike the bike, you have to get trained to ride a motorcycle to avoid injury. If you have never driven a motorcycle before, learn the important things that help you ride safely.

Speeding can be dangerous

There is absolute joy when driving fast. While it may seem like fun on a motorcycle, it is risky. People speed because they like to feel they are going fast, but accidents happen and it could be fatal. Drive safe by following the speed limit. 

Wear bright clothing

Motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles so to make it easier for other motorists to see a motorcyclist wearing bright clothing. Make yourself as bright as possible for visibility purpose. Leather jackets when driving at night may fit the general stereotype of motorcycle riders, but it’s not a good idea. Unless the jacket is a neon leather, that may be an exception.

Get enough rest before riding a motorcycle

It is more dangerous to ride a motorcycle than cars. A mild swipe or a bump can put the rider in trouble. Do not ride your motorcycle if you are tired, a little drunk or sleep-deprived. Make sure you always get enough sleep before you hit the road with your motorcycle.

Street Motorcycle Tire Care Tips

Maintenance is necessary to keep your motorcycle looking good. Part of it is to keep your motorcycle tires in good condition. Motorcycle tires connect you to the road so look after your tires, and they will look after you. Make it a habit to do a weekly or monthly checkup to ensure that your tires are safe to use.

Always check your motorcycle tires

Proper motorcycle tire care is necessary to ensure that the tire walls does not have any cuts or cracks and to keep the life span of your tire much longer.

Always check the air pressure of the tire. Proper pressure allows your motorcycle cycle to have better performance and safe motorcycle ride. Low air pressures on the tires can cause it to separate and can even cause some blowouts. So always monitor the air pressure of your motorcycle tire.

Check the tread wear indicator to ensure your safety. Once they start showing, then it is time to replace your tire. Not enough tread may lead to vehicular accidents. They are normally set at 1/32nd of an inch (0.8mm) see them reach the level of the surface tread on your tire, then change the tire.

You have to make sure the rims are in good condition as they play a critical role in keeping the tires for a long time. If your motorcycle use spoke rims, you must tighten them rightly to prevent any damage. It is best to have a professional tighten them up as they the equipment and experience to secure them properly.

Your tires are one of the most critical parts of your entire motorcycle. So always check the tire condition to have a safe ride.

How To Maintain Your Motorcycle’s Paint

You want your motorcycle to look great all the time. Knowing proper care and maintenance is a critical step in helping you keep its paint looking great. So how do you to preserve your motorcycle’s paint? Keep your bike beautiful with these simple tips.

You want the paint to look new every time to ride your motorcycle.

Keep your motorcycle cleaned

The more you use your bike, the more it gets exposed to a lot of elements that can damage its paint. Grime, muck, dust are just some of the bad contaminants your bike can catch on the road. Clean your motorcycle all times, and that means give it a good wash after that long hard ride. It helps prevent wear down on the paint’s shine.

Give a good layer of wax

A good wash will surely remove the dirt off, and a good polishing job will keep your motorcycle’s paint shining. A manageable amount of wax or polish protects the bike’s paint the protection from the damaging elements it can get on the road. Waxing the exterior paint will make the dust just falls off rather than sticking onto the paint. It also makes cleaning much easier process.

Use cover for motorcycle

The protecting effects of washing and waxing your bike will last longer when you cover it up when parked or not in use. If you do not have a garage, use a quality motorcycle parking cover. Leaving your bike in an open area exposes it under the sun, which may affect the paint and cause early fading. A fitting parking cover protects your bike from the damaging elements around at all times.