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Travel on a Budget – How Can You Travel Cheap?

It is always fun to travel while not spending a lot of money. But how can you travel cheap? Here are some ways that you can travel and not spend a lot.

Work on a farm

If you are not meticulous and love to farm, then why not go abroad and work as a farmer? WWOOF which stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is a platform where you can get a free room and board but you need to work on their farm in exchange. Not bad since you will be able to be in the great outdoors and you will have a unique experience of your surroundings. Countries, where WWOOF opportunities are available, are Italy, Costa Rica, France, Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii.

Find locals

You don’t have to use the traditional travel industry since it is easier to just go directly to locals and access their assets and skills. Locals know where to find the best deals. They know where to find the cheapest supermarket and offer the best sales. These days, most of these local economy sellers have a Facebook or Instagram page where you can easily connect and get the necessary information you will need.

Cook your meal

This is one of the best ways to save a lot when travelling. Imagine if you are going to eat out every meal. You may be spending around $15 per meal, but you can just spend around $60 for a week worth of groceries and save around $150 as a result. Just make sure that there is an available kitchen where you are staying and you are good to go!