Street Motorcycle Tire Care Tips

Maintenance is necessary to keep your motorcycle looking good. Part of it is to keep your motorcycle tires in good condition. Motorcycle tires connect you to the road so look after your tires, and they will look after you. Make it a habit to do a weekly or monthly checkup to ensure that your tires are safe to use.

Always check your motorcycle tires

Proper motorcycle tire care is necessary to ensure that the tire walls does not have any cuts or cracks and to keep the life span of your tire much longer.

Always check the air pressure of the tire. Proper pressure allows your motorcycle cycle to have better performance and safe motorcycle ride. Low air pressures on the tires can cause it to separate and can even cause some blowouts. So always monitor the air pressure of your motorcycle tire.

Check the tread wear indicator to ensure your safety. Once they start showing, then it is time to replace your tire. Not enough tread may lead to vehicular accidents. They are normally set at 1/32nd of an inch (0.8mm) see them reach the level of the surface tread on your tire, then change the tire.

You have to make sure the rims are in good condition as they play a critical role in keeping the tires for a long time. If your motorcycle use spoke rims, you must tighten them rightly to prevent any damage. It is best to have a professional tighten them up as they the equipment and experience to secure them properly.

Your tires are one of the most critical parts of your entire motorcycle. So always check the tire condition to have a safe ride.